We all know that Covid-19 hasn’t gone away just yet, but have you ever sat back and thought about what the whole ordeal has taught you?

The dreaded announcement from Boris, the feeling of complete unknown, and anxiety for the future. It all hit us like a train, and we weren’t sure how to react, other than we knew we must stay inside. It was truly a very uncomfortable time for all of us.

At first, I couldn’t think of anything worse than not being able to leave my house for anything other than dried pasta and toilet roll. After a few weeks, my feelings started to change, and I began to use my time wisely. I began to exercise (which I have subsequently carried on with as its such an amazing happiness booster!), I started to watch interesting documentaries about things I’ve always wanted to learn about, I became the bookworm I never had time to be, as well as being able to boost my CV skills by taking part in lots of online courses and webinars, as well as taking part in a virtual internship. Everyone’s lockdown was different, but I wanted to talk about some particular positives that I think most people took away from it.

Connecting with loved ones

This was such an important lesson that we learned during lockdown, that connecting with your family and friends was a huge part of daily life. I used to take seeing my partner, and my friends for granted, but when that right is taken away from you, you really understand their importance. Somehow, our virtual quiz nights and bingo games felt like we were connecting on a deeper level than we had before, and their presence was just so important for our mental health. All I know is that those times really got me through the darkest days of lockdown, and made me realise how important it is to stay connected to our favourite human beings. What I have taken from this is to never take for granted those that I care for the most.

Spending quality time with family

This is probably my favourite positive aspect to come out of lockdown. Pre Covid-19, I used to rush around like a headless chicken here, there and everywhere. Studying, working and juggling social commitments had really reached a peak at the end of February, and I felt near to burnout. I’m sure this will resonate with many of you, but did lockdown do you a favour? Force you to slow down and evaluate your priorities? Well it certainly did for me. I used to see my parents every day, for a quick cup of tea in the morning, to a rushed dinner with them both in the evening, before I had to get ready to do it all again the next day. I have always been close with my parents, but I can honestly say that we have never talked about things as much as we have in the last 6 months, from politics, conspiracy theories, and their life stories. It has been such a special period of time for us all, that we unfortunately will never get back. I will cherish the memories and the time we spent together forever.

Memories of Me

A few months into lockdown, I came across a fantastic opportunity to work with Memories of Me, and it couldn’t have been at a better time. I don’t believe in fate, but I’m pretty sure I was meant to come across Jan & Adrienne. Me and my Mum had been discussing different times, and she had been telling me various stories from her childhood, which I still love listening to at the age of 25, when I came across Memories of Me. Adrienne spent lots of time chatting to her, ensuring that she had every little detail and story, to include in the folder, and me and Mum had great fun compiling all of her memories and sending it over. The folder is simply beautiful, and I can’t wait to show my own children one day.

So what I’m saying is, cherish the time you spend with your loved ones, and even write down special memories and dates & collect lots of photos – it’s so lovely to look back and smile.