The Service We Offer

Let us guide you through the memories of your life. We will write your own unique story for you and your family. Let us capture your contribution to your family history, for future generations to enjoy.

How it works

We will:

  • Post or email you some questions to be thinking about before our meeting
  • Come and meet with you, gather your memories in note form as we talk to you
  • Compile a draft for you to amend if required
  • Send you a 10 pocket presentation folder with the printed authorised copy of your Memories of Me life story, including one photo and an electronic copy. The Memories of Me life story will contain a maximum of 3000 words, dependant on the information given.

Cost is £249 in total. Additional presentation folders can be purchased for £25 including P&P

Memories of Me can be also be given as the ultimate, unique gift. Surprise someone with this present of a lifetime! (Vouchers available)


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