Love it or hate it, Christmas is on its way.  A time for families to get together, exchange gifts and eat lots of great food. How many times have you thought that this one is going to be the best ever?  Do you remember all your childhood Christmases, when your grandparents were there telling stories of times gone by?  How many of these stories can you remember?

We all try and get the most suitable gift for all our friends and family without duplicating what someone else is giving them.  For some people, there is either nothing they want and you end up buying just something rather than something special, or they don’t know what they want.

What would your family members and friends think of something as unique as their story, written and presented in a way that it can be remembered for years to come. Why not give them a gift voucher for their memories to be written, at a time and place convenient for them, and recorded for posterity.  Memories of Me Gift Vouchers are now available.